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Mine is Sweeter Lyrics

Mine is Sweeter by Red Butt Closeup  

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Mine is Sweeter Get out of my way, don't come near me b**ch
you almost broke me but it's not sufficient
I'm on my way up now and I'll cling to every throat in sight
including yours
this game's a one-way street and you're about to hit the concrete
revenge is sweet but mine is even sweeter
I hate my carbon-based existence since I have to coexist with you
this is were it all will end I'll pass away and so will you
I'll strike you down with screaming faith, be satisfied to see you bleed
life is a prison and death shall be my release
You'll get what's coming to you, you'll answer just to me
no questions, no replies, no can do
an insult's still an insult even though it's wrapped in kinder words
You're in doubt
I'm in pain
you will pay
have no doubts
you will pay

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music