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Niggas On The Jock Lyrics

Niggas On The Jock by RBL Posse  

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Niggas On The Jock Chorus)
Why niggaz be on why niggaz be on why niggaz be on our jock (6x)

(Black C)
Oh sh*t should this be another f**kin hit
(Why niggaz be on why niggaz be on why niggaz be on your dick)
I don't know I think it's just the flow
Or maybe it's the way I use my game to peel a ho
See I'm a nigga with some game ain't nothin changed
Shootin this sh*t like a shootin range
I think my name should be Mike
Cuz I'm every f**kin playa-hatin nigga wanna be like
But that icky-green sticky it get me
Higher than a mothaf**ka so they can't get with me
See I stay posted gettin toasted
Game ferocious down to a b**ch gettin roasted
It's kinda simple and it's easy
Watchin these jealous mothaf**kas get mad cuz their b**ch skees me
And I know they talkin sh*t
But I got nuts for a nigga, and dick for a b**ch

chorus (8x)

(Mr. Cee)
This is goin out to the people in my business
You ain't toilet paper so stay out the sh*tness
And watch me come on like a shirt
If you'z a man with sensitivity you'z about to get your feelings hurt
I'm not tryin to say I'm all that
But just call me dope cuz niggaz constantly got a grip on my sac
And when I'm in their face yes I'm they nigga
But really I'm that nigga they wanna get rid of
And if a b**ch around watch them perp
Niggaz start claimin my name just like a turf
But this is the hard rugid and dangerous
And peace to my niggaz that claim this sh*t
But let me open my pants cuz I feel somethin rubbin
So many people on my dick that now they jock my belly-button
So if your head turn when I hit the block
Just consider yourself one of them niggaz on my jock

chorus (8x

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