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Sold - Rasmus


Sold by Rasmus

There you come again,
I see you're having your everlasting smile
on your face, like now n' then,
I cannot hide, I cannot fight,
I cannot go you know,
you know, you know, hey do you know.
That you do not have to entertain anybody,
that you do not have to entertain my cat.
If you don't want that, yeah.
It seems that you don't know you are
twisted by your nature n' that's the reason i hate ya.
Chorus: 3x
I'm gone, I can't stay another day
roll my mind, hold my hands up in the air.
So here it comes now,
a couple of hard words, yah, yah.
I know this hurts, but i'm so so happy,
'cos you, oh yes yes, you do really deserve this.
Shed a tear, when you want me to stop.
So many times you have made people cry,
so many lies, why I'm asking,
i'm the one who will say; Hey get out of my way,
because your twisted, oh yes you are