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Rasaq Lyrics

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Album: The Grass Green Over Here Manye! (2006) Lyrics
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  1. Grass Is Green Intro
  2. Check Ma Background
  3. Radio Tune In No.1
  4. Boppa's All On Ma Jock
  5. Yeah Freestyle
  6. Keep It Gutta
  7. Radio Tune In No.2
  8. Nawside Dynasty
  9. Fly Dude I Might Be Freestyle
  10. I Got That Gravy
  11. Where Da Cash At
  12. Dem Hoe's Be Hatin'
  13. Swisha In The Air
  14. Struggle
  15. Thowed Off
  16. Dat Boy Freestyle
  17. Come To My City
  18. Hypa Light
  19. Pump Pump
  20. Radio Tune No.3
  21. Ball 'till I Fall
  22. Poppin' Trunk
Album: Ghetto Status (2003) Lyrics
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  1. Intro (Go 2 Sleep)
  2. The Baddest Click
  3. Time To Shine
  4. Ya Girlfriend (B2k Beat)
  5. Lay It Down
  6. Cant Get No Money (I Know What You Want)
  7. Gutta Gorrillaz (24's)
  8. They Gonna Hate Us (Rep Yo City)
  9. Be True 2 It(How You Want That)
  10. Mood Swing (Cop That Disc)
  11. Ccc Runnin The Game
  12. It's The Color Change (La La La)
  13. They Watchin' (The Watcher)
  14. Hood Guy (Grindin')
  15. Pick Up Ya Pace (Beware Of The Boys)
  16. Got It On Lock
  17. Birds (Right Thurr)
  18. It's A Must (Posted)
  19. I'm So Gutter
  20. Screamin' My Name (Act A Fool)
  21. Y'all Gonna See (Book Of Rhymes)
  22. Hood Life (8 Miles & Runnin)
  23. Can't Break A Balla (The Way We Ball)
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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