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Washed Clean Lyrics

Washed Clean by Rapture  

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Washed Clean Days past
Lifes vast
Heart Pounding
Power losing
Time wasting
Death awaiting
Feeling fainter
Soul found
Beep!!! Sound
Last breath
Finally death
Pain gone
Deaths won
Soul clean
Death, reasoning?
Cancer gone
Lord's Won
Beautiful Place
This Amazing Grace
Lifes Bold
Tributes Told
My grandfather had been having treatments of chemotherapy over the last year or so. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. He recently died and while I waited for that unevitable conclusion i sat in the waiting room keeping my cousins busy by playing with them. I sat down and wrote this and feel that it is very worthy of grandfather. I know he's looking down from Heaven and smiling right now."

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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