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Tiny Deaths Lyrics

Tiny Deaths by Rakoth  

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Tiny Deaths I leave grey ashes covering my sight self-sentenced to exist
Atrocity of silence preys worst yet silence I crave

Leprous vultures feast upon my bones dancing round and round my plagued still
Writhing corpse wraths arise to guide my steps beyond arousing memories buried deep I thought buried deep

Burnt my cage with lies searching (the) dream to find a cure
Crust of scorn upon my rusted empty shell
Playing life twisted sorry masquerade poisoned granted tiny deaths to celebrate

Great... I have lost my worlds my universe I built in tears and blood caught in childish snare in hollow abyss hand-made for me alone
Why what a pity word regrets sorrow - just shallow symbols lost in pain lost in vain lost the game of fear that binds me to this self

Crawling to feel (the) sky below again I shall inhale an emptiness but (the) healing for dire wounds of my sanity out of reach of my morbid being

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music