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Confessional Lyrics by Raine Maida


Confessional by Raine Maida

Just don't know what to say
I'm tongue tied, I'm a scatter brain
Can't eat, can't sleep these days
Staring out past the milky way
My head spins, my heart explodes
I'm a sheep in these wolf clothes
Senses on overload
These are my confessions
I write them on the wall
Obsessed with my obsessions
I'm not surprised at all
In need of some direction
Some expensive therapy
I emptied out my pockets
But the best things in life are free
Just don't know what to say
Oh god, make it all go away
I can't love, I can't hate these days
Damn I just want to be entertained
Been high and I've been low
The devils here to take my soul
I can't take this anymore
Out there in the distance, a sunrise
Only for a moment, I'll rest these eyes
Oh I sing, but I'm dumb, and it's a shame
Oh I sing, no one's won, it's just a game