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Powder Blue Mercedes Queen Lyrics

Powder Blue Mercedes Queen by Raiders  

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Powder Blue Mercedes Queen Smokin' down the boulevard, Flashin' at the red lights
Baby's lookin' pretty hot, well You're goin' with me tonight
Blue, power blue, blue Mercedes queen
Not like the Devil, she's a human bein'
Back to the alley, over to the si-ide
Go ahead, you know I love to ride
Do it like a lady, do it like a lady hey
(16 yeah's)

Headin' down the highway, movin' in the open night
Hope she's comin' my way, like to take her on a ride


Movin' on the highway, flashin' at the red lights
Hope she's comin' my way, we'll you're goin' with me tonight

(Chorus; throaty yeah's continue to fade)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music