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Tearing My Down Lyrics

Tearing My Down by Radio Disney  

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Tearing My Down I was dreaming that I was someone
I was taller, smarter, prettier
I was hoping you could help me
But you consume me, you make me dirtier
Now you'll make all seem better
If I can just give up my sorrow
Glad to hear it's so damn easy
All the time we've wasted using me, tearing me down
I was dreaming I was such a young thing
I held magic in my fingers
Weren't you saying
(Aw, weren't you saying)
How I was special
(Aw, you're so special)
And then you bruised my beyond all reason
I was hoping
That you could hold me
That you could help me
That you could know me
But you consume me
But you confuse me
You make me dirtier

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