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Painting my pain (bonus track) Lyrics

Painting my pain (bonus track) by Rachel Wedeward  

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Painting my pain (bonus track) Intro (Talking): I have to...I have to paint my pain away (Singing) Ooh

Chorus:I have to paint my pain away
Ooh except my souls on fire
your desire to go
has made me sheleter my pain
and now I gotta stay away

Bridge: Why why do you do this to me?
even when i try
it makes me wanna cry
no one can change anything
that happen between us
U know what's going on


1st Verse: everyday you go away
I'm sorry I'm sorry baby
I wish I could be your lady
I know you need me now
but the shows over


2nd Verse: We can't go back
your lifes not in tack
If I could I would be there

2nd verse

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