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My Heart Still Beats - Rachel Wedeward


My Heart Still Beats by Rachel Wedeward

Intro: la da daa aha la da daa la da daa aha
My heart still beats for you
Even when your not here
It's clear I've been touched my love
And you saved my soul
My heart (my heart) still (and will beat for you)
Love is one of a kind
Sometimes it's hard (it's hard) to find
Everyone says in your mind you need love
But do you feel that way?
1st Verse:
What's to say anymore
Your the one I can't ignore
For you I do (I do)
Anything for you
2nd Verse:
U are the one
Aha aha aha aha aha (OOH)
U made see this differently
But I (but I) don't
Chorus fades