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Fancy Lyrics

Fancy by Rachel Wedeward  

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Fancy intro
Ooh Ooh WOW!

Bridge: has diamonds surround by people
as she tries to win over my man again
keep dreamin sista
cause you don't miss him
your just trying to p**s me off again Ooh!

Chorus: miss fancy
miss prancing across the room
from a distance she don't miss him
I can see it in there eyes

1st Verse: I guess this is where it begins
you know your about to lose
so stop acting like I'm all confused
quit thinking that your all high & mighty
when you ain't got nothing right Ooh!


2nd Verse: will this ever end?
we can never be friends again
quit taking my man
and maybe i'll leave you alone Ooh!

1st Verse

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music