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Everytime Lyrics

Everytime by Rachel Wedeward  

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Everytime 1st Chorus: How come everytime I look away?
I can still see the pain
and it tears me up inside

Bridge: The picture of you still stays
and everything remains the same
and there's no else to blame

2nd Chorus: How come everytime I look away?
what dose this mean?
that your all I need

1st Verse: you should be heading on your way
you got your own friends
now you should go

3rd chorus: How come everytime I look away
there's still something in my mind
as old memories are left behind

2nd Verse: U know what's for U
I can't be making your life all blue
I'll always be nice to U anyways

1st Chorus
2nd Chorus
3rd Chorus

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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