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It Sucks To Be You Lyrics

It Sucks To Be You by Quiet Riot  

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It Sucks To Be You [Verse 1:]
You got a laundry list of today?s complaints
you think you?re a superstar who?s shit don?t stank
You?re a nothing wrapped up in a something?s clothes
You?re the kinda person I don?t want to know
I don?t hear you- please shut up
I don?t see you- cause you?re too tough
All the things I do they make you crazy
You always say I?m useless and I?m lazy
You moan and groan and bitch what does that prove?

[Verse 2:]
You can?t sit still, you never act straight
I get uncomfortable when I see your face
Everybody?s talking behind your back
You?re a three time loser into the cracks

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