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Women Sacred Lyrics

Women Sacred by Pura Fé  

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Women Sacred Young woman, delicate baby girl
She's the grammah; she's the mother of us all
Sister, cousin, auntie, loving wife and friend
She is the first teacher and back to the earth's womb again
She is the sacred door all life and death pass through
All worlds beyond from the great mystery,
She carries forth and brings in you and me...

She deserves all the love and respect
Nothing comes close to her worth, she's our Mother, and she's our Earth
That we got to lift up high, honor and protect
She gave life to everything; She's our whole universe

Cause she's a bad mamma jamma, she's a Woman Sacred
She's a bad mamma jamma, she means everything to you and me

You cannot stop, cut down, change or beat what creation intended her to be
Sacred earth, sacred woman, sacred tree,
Cause she's beautiful, made to give life and live to be free
Free from war, free from hate, free from men's possession, greed, exploit and rape
When there's enough of her to feed the world
We got to take care of all the baby boys and girls... that...

(Chorus repeats)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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