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Watch Me Ruin Everything Lyrics

Watch Me Ruin Everything by Psycroptic  

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Watch Me Ruin Everything Everything I've ever done was just a waste of time
People disappoint us all till we say we're blind
Everyone I ever met was just an idiot
Everyone I ever loved was just a piece of shit

All my elders ever gave to me were rules and lies
Trying to make me into something that I sure despise
All the other children ever did was just combined
Sometimes it's possible to laugh and cry at the same time

Everyone will shatter everyone and so will I
Nevermind that this is a letter of goodbye
Welcome to me, I've been the devil all along
Now you can watch me ruin everything with just a song

I was sent to bully bullies and destroy your schools
I was sent to lie to liars and appoint the rules
I was sent to get you into everything that's bad
I was sent to take a shit on all your moms and dads

Now you can watch me ruin everything and thank your stars
Now you can watch me ruin everything and scar your scars
Now you can watch me ruin everything and forget the past
Now you can watch me ruin everything this is the last

Every word I've ever said was just a waste of breath
Everything I've ever wanted was a waste of death
Every point I've ever made was just a waste of ____
Every wish I ever wished I had the power to grant

If fate has disappointed you
And everyone's an invalid
If danger died and you withdrew
And every night you sulk in bed

If you are sick of standing still
Or children thwart your filthy mind
If safety makes you want to kill
And you were shattered and maligned

If all you know is hollow
Step inside entropy's sideshow

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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