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Kleenex Goblin Lyrics

Kleenex Goblin by Psycroptic  

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Kleenex Goblin Take off your coat, your hat, and shoes. Sit down, relax, let me wow you.
Almost autistic, take off your socks, shirt and pants. Sneak off your bra, and your panties.
I have seen the light.
My little angel, you're lost aren't you? Your privacy becomes my taboo. And proceeding
Until your weakness surrenders your will. The prognosis is not so good.
Climax, narrow the fiend, sit still. Wash up, humor the self-esteem.
Blot out, your spot, and collect your sobriety. Beauty, guilty, damsel, hide you.
Hide you, in the field of apparition.
Remind you of the shaggy bulk.
Drenched and sticky.
Chapped and tattered.
Suggesting delay, unclean.
Warped and ragged.
Pungent fragrance.
Suggesting delay, unclean.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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