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W.a.j.a.w.a.h.w.i.s.d Lyrics

W.a.j.a.w.a.h.w.i.s.d by Psychopunch  

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W.a.j.a.w.a.h.w.i.s.d We got a little bread these days so we don't have to take it

Well people all aroud us say â€you're never gonna make itâ€

A lick and a promise try to put us down

Well I'm sorry for the man but we're still around

There's a poster on the wall

The unknown galant four

We smell a lot of sh*t turn around now, look who's talking

Don't hang around here, f**k off, you better start walking

Even if you pay us, we wont be there

Even if you beg us, we just don't care

Even if we make it we won't give a sh*t

Shut up

It seems like your mind is dry like desert sand

Cause you talk a lot of sh*t about us still you love our band

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music