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Goin' Crazy Lyrics

Goin' Crazy by Psychopath  

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Goin' Crazy Every time i walk away

You've got something left to say

Vicious mutha superfuck

Good intentions just bad luck

I feel so good I go insane

I've got a timebomb in my brain

Walking on a psycho's path

Suicidal for a laugh

Violent people on the street

Fuck me to infinity

Goin' crazy

I don't know what I want but I like it

Yeah, I like it a lot

Goin' crazy

And it just don't seem to stop

Love is like a nuclear blast

Wish I could redo my past

Going mental high and dry

Mama I'm a superspy

Today I'm spaced out of my head

I do what I do best

Down in the cuckoos nest

It's a real cool vibe

It's medication time

In the cuckoos nest

I'm spaced out of my head

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