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P Against The World

by Procol Harum. Buy album CD: The Well's On Fire

Ah, stronger than ever!
I’m back niggers!
Yeah, yeah, listen!

New york is just one …, one coming to light,
Perhaps you’re with that peace,
I’m gonna need that part to satisfy my thirst,
Pacify my greed for blood, money and power
Your friends turned me to a monster, addicted to
When you scream you have one … in your life,
One second of fame,... everybody pays.
All you look is back up,
Oh, I’mma start explain, is the ring around the…
Pocket full of old men,
Ashes to ashes, all my fellow soldiers
Reminds me to bring my gun, bring my blade,
Kills niggers on contact, just like rain.
You can’t find pete, I’m in my … drinking...
This is global,... you want some block shit,
I’m in the uk, turning apples to oranges!

It’s p against the world,
I don’t think you niggers…
It’s p against the world!
Am is supposed to be scared?
I got my chance too, nigger!
Big one!
It’s p against the world,
Nigger, I just bought four plastic…, nigger!
It’s just p against the world,
... surf the internet…
It’s p against the world, ]
You want war?
I’ll take you to war!

Listen! I’m giving you one piece of my mind,
One piece at the time,
If you can read my thoughts,
You will say that I’m a terrible celebrity,
Me a threat to the world cause I influence.
All you little boys and the girls, you stand up and make a difference,
Just watch me! take advantage of my freedom of speech,
They can’t stop me, they wanna lock me,
They wanna... , but my pricey lawyer…
Puts my fans with riot, they knew it would be a state of emergency,
With t-shirts… so you could punch you fucking fingers and say
... you’re a bunch of fucking assholes!
Over my dick, jump over my shape, do whatever it is you do
And I’mma keep it popping, making hits for the new black kids.
In the hood we don’t agree with the system,
Now fuck ‘em all!

It’s p against the world,
Yeah, that’s right!
It’s not all good, nigger…!
It’s p against the world,
Fuck pout of here, you’re bothering me!
It’s p against the world,
In your bush, fuck you nigger!
Fuck your whole blood!
It’s p against the world,
Yeah, I know you heard that!
It’s just p!
I can’t take it son!
You understand me?
P against the world,
Fear me, for they kill me,
It’s just p!
Fear me, for they kill me, nigger!
It’s p against the world!

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