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Drunk again - Procol Harum


Drunk again by Procol Harum

I've been out of weeks for ages
I've been on and off the train.
I've been losing sheep
And counting sleep
And i've drunk too much again
But i'll take another cup
Even though it dry me up
Ooh, though i know that i should pass
I will take another glass
The cellar is empty, the cupboard is bare,
I'm joining the church and taking to prayer
The landlord's complaining
'cos the rent is outstanding
And old mother hubbard's ran off with the chair
Though i know it's time to stop
I will take another drop
Though i know i'm very sick
I will take just one more sip
Come on captain, punch my ticket
Call my mother's name
I once heard
That a fly can't bird
But i drunk too much again
Though i've really drunk a lot
I will take another shot
Though i know it's a time to pass
I will take just one more glass