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The purple medley

by Prince. Buy album CD: Other Songs 4TH - Y

Keep bustin'!

Dig if U will the picture

Of U and I engaged in a... kiss

U don't have 2 be beautiful 2 turn me on

If we can not make babies

Maybe we can make some time

(Baby, U're so creamy)

She said how'd U like 2 waste some time

And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind

Nikki, oh

Don't worry, I won't hurt U

I only want U 2 have some fun

Baby, baby, baby I'm a star (Star, ooh)

Might not know it now

Baby, but I are, I'm a star, eh (Star, ooh)

I don't wanna stop 'til I reach the top, oh


If I gave U diamonds and pearls

Would U be a happy boy or a girl?

All I can do is just offer U my love

All I can offer U is my love

I never meant 2 cause U any sorrow

I never meant 2 cause U any pain

I only wanted one time 2 see U laughing

Only want 2 see U laughing in the purple rain

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here 2day 2 get through this thing called life

Sexy dancer, I want your body, want your body

Sexy dancer, dance

Sexy dancer, I want your body, want your body

Sexy dancer, dance


Work it baby, work it

Let's work {x2}

I've had my eyes on U

Ever since U walked in the room

Come on and take my hand

Don't try 2 understand

Hey baby, nothing can stop us now

I'm gonna show U how, oh yeah

Show U how 2 work

Come on, let's have some fun

We'll work till the morning comes

Yeah yeah, I wanna see U work

Come on

Every Friday night I call yo ass up on the phone

A deeper voice answers and says U're not at home (Sexy {x4})

If U think that I'm some fool who'll go 4 that silly line

Honey, put down all your money U win everytime, oh (Sexy {x4})

Oh, irresistible bitch - I love the way U walk (U sexy mutha...ow!)

Irresistible bitch - I love the way U talk

Irresistible bitch - I love the way U kiss (U sexy mutha...ow!)

Ain't it a shame?

Huh, I wish I could resist

I ain't trying 2 pressure U baby

But all I ever wanted 2 do

I wanna be your lover

I wanna be the only one that makes U come running

I wanna be your lover

I wanna turn U on, turn U out

All night long make U shout

Ooh, lover, yeah!

I wanna be the only one U come 4

Yeah {x4}

I'm goin' down 2 Alphabet Street

I'm gonna crown the first girl that I meet

I'm gonna talk so sexy, she'll want me from my head 2 my feet

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Talk 2 me lover, come and tell me what U taste

Didn't your mama tell U life is 2 good 2 waste?

Talk 2 me lover, come and tell me what U taste

Didn't your mama tell U life is 2 good 2 waste?

2 good 2 waste, 2 good 2 waste

Didn't your mama tell U life is 2 good 2 waste?

Love come quick

Love come in a hurry

There are thieves in the temple 2night

The moon up above shines down upon our skin

Whispering words that scream of outrageous sin

If that's what we are

We all want a love bizarre

If I was your girlfriend

Ooh, if I was your girlfriend

Would U let me wash your hair?

Could I make U breakfast sometime?

Would U let me pick out your clothes?

Would U let me drive U 2 work?

I was working part time in a 5 and dime

My boss was Mr. McGee

He told me several times that he didn't like my kind

Cuz I's a bit 2 leisurely

It seems that I was busy doin' something close 2 nothin'

But different than the day before

That's when I saw her, ooh, I saw her

She walked in through the out door, out door

She wore a raspberry beret

The kind U find in a second hand store

Raspberry beret

And if it was warm, she wouldn't wear much more

Raspberry beret

I think I love her

Guess I shoulda known by the way U parked your car sideways

That it wouldn't last

See, U're the kinda person that believes in makin' out once

Love 'em and leave 'em fast

Guess I must be dumb, she had a pocket full of horses

Trojan and some of them used

But it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right

And U say - "What have I got 2 lose?"

And honey, I said little red Corvette

This is it

Time for U 2 go 2 the wire

U will hit

Cuz U got the burnin' desire

The kinda girl U wanna teach

She's a peach

(Go!) {repeats}

(Oops, upside yo ass) {x5}

{Crowd noise}

Ladies and gentlemen, Prince!

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