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Pokemon Lyrics Pocket Ni Fantasy (Fantasy In A Pocket)

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Pocket Ni Fantasy (Fantasy In A Pocket)

by Pokemon. Buy album CD: Other Songs ME - Y

*Hayaku otona ni naritainda
E? Doushite
*(I want to grow up fast)
(huh? Why?)

*Hayaku otona ni naritai no
Kodomo tte tanoshii janai
*(I want to grow up fast)
(isn't being a kid fun?)

*Demo ne nandaka natte mitai
Jaa kondo wa watashi no yume iu wa ne
*(but it seems I'm only growing a little bit)
(well then, now I'll tell you about my dream)

Mou ichido kodomo ni modotte mitai
*E? Nande
(I'd like to be a kid once more)
*(huh? what!)

Mou ichido kodomo ni modotte mitai no
*Otona de ii no ni
(I'd like to be a kid once more)
*(I think being a grown up is okay)

Ichinichi dake demo narenai ka na?
(You wouldn't grow accustomed to it in only one day?)

*Narekko nai yo
Un, mou ijiwaru
(hey, don't be mean)

Mukashi watashi ga mada kodomo datta koro
Pocket ni irete-ta takusan no takara mono
(in olden days, back when I was still a child)
(I always used to put a lot of treasure in my pockets)

Ima demo tokidoki kao wo nozokaseru no yo
(but now sometimes I am made to pout)

*Sore tte moshikashite, Pikachuu?
Saa nan deshou ne
*(was that, perhaps, Pikachu?)
(I think so)

Mukashi no kodomo ima no kodomo
POKETTO no nakami wa itsudatte
Otoko no ko demo onna no ko demo
POKETTO no nakami wa dare datte
(children of olden days, children of today)
(what's kept in a pocket is forever)
(both boys and girls)
(someone is in a pocket)
(a fantasy)


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Album: Other Songs ME - Y Lyrics
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