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Amanda Lyrics

Amanda by Pods  

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Amanda Amanda
You made me cry
You never cared
Now you should die
You left my heart
Like an open sore
I screamed your name
Cos I wanted more
I didn't think
What was good for you
Ain't so good for me
You stupid b**ch
You needed some
Got what you want
And now you're done
You could throw my life on the wayside
Cover your lampshade with my pride
Never give a sh*t who you're fooling
Amanda this is your doing
Now you took what you wanted
Then you left and just forgot it
b**ch -- well, you're gonna regret it
Because I can't forget it yet
You got no soul
You took my dreams
And now you know
You f**king whore
You told me lies
Amanda kiss your ass goodbye

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