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If I Waz U

by Pluton Svea. Buy album CD: Other Songs I - U

If I wuz you...

So surreal.. so surreal
So surreal that it can't be real
I'm just so afraid of banana peels
A wandering eye does not have sex appeal
I'm 99 and a half light years away
And they expect me to be ok
They see me in some other light
But who told them that I wasn't alright?
Get with it said the prince to the be
Doncha realize that they can't see
That's cool.. I'm in a tranquil state
But I can't see why they don't calculate
Prince how come your eyes look blue?
If only ya had my eyes to look through
Mellowin out is what ya need to do
Huh.. only if I wuz you

If I wuz you...

I guess I'm supposed to go crazy is that what it is
Tryin to pass this quiz
Mirror mirror what'cha got for me?
Since I'm you and you're just so me
I know they've lost themselves instead
I know that destiny's face is red
I can see my rainbow's real sweet
But for that quick quiz I gotta crib sheet
So what's the matter you? why do ya look sad?
Man this world doesn't look so bad
What's the deal with the heal of a shoe
Why's an ankle such a red kangaroo
It all depends on the way I think
A watcher's point of view don't'cha think
There'd be a time where I wouldn't have a clue
But only if I wuz you

If I wuz you...

Poor, poor aristocrat
Shaken down by a pussycat
Thought he was a strong believer in the now
He thought he was up so he got shook down
Deja vu, even I myself
That's why educated guesses I think might help
But a flat out reading, I don't see how
And things we gotta deal with right now
Like the fact that my complexion may offend you
Environment's protection may contend you
There's millions in the quest for synthetic dreams
It's now extreme and pullin at the seams
I don't wait so it don't bother me
But please forgive me if I act rude
Save the bass for another part of me
But only if I wuz you

If I wuz you... I think I'd find my way into the stars
If I wuz you... I think I'd let me out of my jar
If I wuz you... I don't think that I could ever be real
If I wuz you... I think it'd vary on the way that I feel
If I wuz you...

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