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You Lyrics

You by Plus One  

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You You
Written by Aaron Sain, Jimmy Olander, Will Robinson

It was always all about me 
My job, my plans, my time was all I cared about 
I only needed myself 
To get me through my life 
Then suddenly I found that 

I want 
I need 
I crave 
I breathe 
I feel 
I hope 
I dream 
I know 
I trust 
I love 

I'm just discovering life 
How magical it is 
Because of all You are, oh yeah 
These days I wake up and I'm amazed 
How much I want to give 
Since You've touched my heart 


It wasn't luck 
It wasn't fate 
There's just one reason my world's changed 
One reason my world has changed 
It was You 


I know it's You

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