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Run To You  Lyrics by Plus One


Run To You  by Plus One

"Sometimes when the world
gets so cold
and my heart
is fifteen below
and I feel like I'm
so far from home,
I run to you.
When life doesn't
go like I planned,
so confused, and
I don't understand,
it's hard, 'cause
it's out of my hands,
and this is what I do
when I got nothing
left to give:
I run to you,
when I can't find my way.
And I get lost in you,
when I don't have the faith.
When I don't know what to do,
I feel like I can't make it through,
I run to you.
I run to you,
I run, I'm lost in you.
So it goes, every life has some rain.
Everyone's gotta deal with the pain.
But I know how to make it okay,
I tell you what I do,
when my back's
up to the wall you know
You are my light,
you're my everything.
IN a place of chaos, you're the
one thing that brings me peace.
I'll give my heart, I'll give my all.
When I'm beat down,
you're always standin' tall
and so
I run to you (I run to you).
I'm so lost in you (so lost I need you).
When I need you (oh I need you)
oh I need to