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Welcome The Night Lyrics

Welcome The Night by Pink Cream 69  

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Welcome The Night You're a dream light years ago
Of a world dreams are like I did not know
I did not know
You're a queen scared of your might
Like a shades dying away without light
You fear the night

I know how temperatures rise
I'll heat you out of ice
I know we'll party tonight
So come on baby, do it right
I lift up your disguise
I've known you light years ago
Welcome to the nightlife show

Dance on, on through the night
Never don't forget the light
Don't forget the light

Welcome the night, welcome the night we're in love
Welcome the night, welcome the night we're in love

I don't need to keep up the ball
You are thawed out for all
I did make your temperature rise
It burns baby through your eyes
I feel your skin next to mine
You're tasting hot and fine
I know we're hot to the core
Wild dancing on the floor

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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