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Drowning man by pilate Lyrics

Drowning man by pilate by Pilate  

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Drowning man by pilate another start at drinking
sinking deep enough
once a drink with passion
now im drunk

rain falls like tears from heaven's belt
but dont you ever ...?
tonight tonight

and a pool of my depression
so i think im fine
my love
for all ive given

when will i rage the shore again
oh no
and for all the wine and ....?
could never could never fill my soul

oh no tonight, tonight
now ....?
in a pool of my depressions
so i think im fine
my love
for all ive

what does it hold
yeah joy its with tears
its with love
no no

and i wait here tonight
for the thrill of the fight
and i drown here tonight
cause im wasted
oh im wasted

someone needs to fix this because its not close to correct and i would really like to know what the correct words are... thank you and rock on

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