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Protection Lyrics

Protection by Phat Chance  

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Protection Words and Music by Phat Chance

We may be young teens, but that doesn't mean we haven't had our share of life's ups and downs. Through some of the darkest times imaginable, God proved Himself faithful, becoming our Rock, our Fortress and our Hiding Place. He is our Protection! Psalm 18: 1-3

Nobody knows my problems,
But they come to me with all the answers,
As if they have no problems of their own at all.

When nobody's around I stand up tall,
When everybody comes near, I seem to fall.
Can You help me?
I can't stand up at all.


Well, the seasons change and the seasons bring
Conflicts upon you and me.
But we know that the sun comes out, after all.

Whenever this road takes it's toll I know,
I'll be ready, 'cause You'll keep me from harm.
You calm these storms after all.

No matter what, I've gotta remember.

And I know I may not see those blue skies,
And I may not see Your reflection in my life.
But I'll always keep in mind and remember,
That You'll always be my protection.

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