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Phantom Of The Opera Lyrics The Sword Fight

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The Sword Fight

by Phantom Of The Opera. Buy album CD: Other Songs T - W

(The whole thing is spoken)

(The Phantom Jumps out with a sword. He kicks Raoul over. Raoul Jumps up with his sword)

Phantom: (Still fighting) Bravo, Monsieur! You've figured out my secret! Such spirited words! (Swings sword at Raoul)
Raoul: (Grunts)
Phantom: Let's see, Monsieur, how fare you dare go! (Another swing)
(They sword fight)

(Raoul Jumps away and falls over)

(The Phantom Jumps at Raoul as he's still down)

(Raoul Jumps up and begins to sword fight)

(They fight all around the graveyard)

Raoul: Stay back!
Phantom: That's right, that's right, Monsieur! Keep fighting this way! (Two more swings)
Raoul: You can't win her love by making her your prisoner! Leave her alone!
Phantom: I'm here, I'm here, Monsieur: The Angel of Death! C'mon, c'mon, Monsieur, don't stop! Don't stop! Keep fighting! Swing at me, Monsieur!

(They get their swords caught together in something. Erik the Phantom pushes Raoul away to break them)

(The Phantom happens to stab Raoul in the arm)

(Raoul falls to the ground)

(The Phantom Jumps on Raoul and tries to Jamb his sword into Raoul. Roul holds the sword up. The Phantom happens to cut down RAOUL's chest a bit)

Raoul: (Groans in pain)


PHANTOM: And now, Monsieur! You shall die.

(Raoul continues to hold the sword up with one hand. He reaches his arm out for his sword and finally grabs hold of it and swipes the Phantom off him)

RAOUL: Now we end this!

(They continue to sword fight)
(Raoul knocks the Phantom back to the ground, kicks his sword away and is about to stab him)


No, Raoul...(Raoul looks at Christine) no! Not like this.
(Raoul looks at the Phantom one last time)

(Raoul puts his sword away then Raoul lifts Christine onto his horse. The Phantom gets up)

Phantom: DON'T GO!

(Raoul and Christine exit. As they are exiting, the PHANTOM declaims in fury)

(He has been foiled again):

PHANTOM: Now let it be war upon you both!

(At a gesture from the PHANTOM, there is a flash of lighting and the stage erupts into flame)

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