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Rhapsody Of A 1000 Lies Lyrics

Rhapsody Of A 1000 Lies by Peyoti For President  

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Rhapsody Of A 1000 Lies I've died a 1000 times...
My heart ripped from my side,
My brain cut into pieces...
I've borne a 1000 pains,
The blood sucked from my veins,
A multitude of leeches...

They lied a 1000 lies...
We sighed a 1000 sighs,
How could you ever say for certain,
To doubt or to believe,
To loose or to conceive,
It could ever be forgotten,

He's singing for his pain,
That tomorrow things will change,
But he's hopelessly tenacious,
He opens up the door,
Goes crashing to the floor,
Into a 100 thousand pieces...

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