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No more words

by Pete Rock. Buy album CD: Lost And Found

[Intro: Pete Rock]
Yeah yeah one two I.N.I. in the place
from the Vernon-ville section yeah
this goes out to all the niggaz that
be frontin always talking saying shit
they don't need to be saying and goes
like this Grap Luva

[Verse 1: Grap Luva]
Dig it I bust rhymes that keep the wise minds open
Plus am hoping that ya get in the gist of my mind bliss
Yo I am to represent the most high
I heats up ya mind like a furnace no lie
So why try test or dismiss ya stress
On brother like grap lover
Is to impress ya friends or maybe my man Rob O
But the God is down with I so that shit do go so
Take that ass to the lost and found
Look for ya style there you little clown
I am too busy paying dues got no times
For playing games more credentials to my name
Cause I am about to get fame
Ya played out game got you thinking you star
But talk is cheap so you wont't get far
Tag ya name on the list with the rest of the herbs
Cause on the strength for you
I got no words

[Chorus: Pete Rock] (4x)
Check it out I got no more words frontin niggaz
tag ya name to the rest of the herbs

[Verse 2: Ras Luv]
Justice imperial heavenly Asiatic decent
On to be another hero in the present
Father blessin brought all by his essence
The healer of soul beyond the heights untold
Worth gold plus I rest aside the Vernon-ville bold
Where the brothers get ya open
Junior players stay hoping to make it
You might not last they might bust that ass
And that's when ya grasp for the father
You call you should da stall
So why bother at all
I stand tall and reign supreme fa I va
I bet yo won't find a no mc that's liver
So wish upon a star that's yo rhymes up yo part
You study all day to pass the mc bar
It's no thing to put the funk swing in a effect
I loves on the beat so the mic gettin wreck
And theres no more words so respect kid

[Chorus: Pete Rock ] (4x)
Check it out I got no more words frontin niggaz
tag ya name to the rest of the herbs

[Verse 3: Rob-O]
Started my man played it off
I never noticed me why you scheming
With the fucked up motive
But uh check it let me school ya
On the I the who what when and the why
See I am despiser of discussing needs
Of the I rule is the size of a muscle
Seem smaller than smallest hidden just
To niggaz planet and soil of earth
And it's the biggest
Tree that you ever seen turned into green
Now ya fiend some man made shit by machine
Shy damn bring the sticks
Bring the brimstone bricks
But ya naming them
Listen to the crunch of your cranium
Flow to the very last word of revelation
Not sweatin armageddon or am I lettin
Quite patient but still I bust that thick like ill
Smoke trauma chill son no more words

[Chorus:Pete Rock](4x)
Check it out I got no more words frontin niggaz
tag ya name to the rest of the herbs

I am out
We got no more words for brothers
That be steppin on niggaz and frontin
No what am saying straight up I.N.I. 95, 96
Word to mother soul brother records
My man ran bangers in the house
As we do it like this check it out
One two no more words no more words

[Fades out]

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