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He's On The Whiskey (Watch Out) Lyrics

He's On The Whiskey (Watch Out) by Peter And The Test Tube Babies  

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He's On The Whiskey (Watch Out) In a bar someplace right now, someone's going to start a row.
Just one more Scotch will do the trick, something in his brain will click.

Watch his friends start to move away, as he downs the Scotch and starts to sway.
Now through the haze, he starts to see, that everyone's his enemy.
He shouts abuse at the bar staff, they just reply with a nervous laugh.
Pushes his girlfriend off her chair, starts throwing glasses in the air.

Someone moves in to calm him down, but he just gets knocked to the ground.
He's not a violent guy, he turns nasty on a whisky high.
He gets thrown out, but it takes four, to get him through the door.
In his mind a voice starts to say, someone, somewhere's gonna pay.

He grabs some bloke just passing by, and smacks him one between the eyes.
He stumbles home kicking cars, and getting thrown out of other bars.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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