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Hide n seeking Lyrics

Hide n seeking by Paul Westerberg  

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Hide n seeking Is that you peeking out from that hat
Hide and seeking behind a drink that's gone flat
Is that you peeking out from your tree
Hide and seeking from everyone here but me

Your hands are shaking and I know what they did
Hide and seeking they never found you as a kid
Your branch is breaking
You'll find another downtown
Hide and seeking
Coming crashing to the ground

Hide and seeking for children baby
Now its hid and sought
Another week and you'll see yours maybe
They treat you like some kinda outlaw

Black night is falling this is the blues you see
Hide and seeking father son and holy me
You speak in parables
You're looking terrible tonight
Hide and seeking
I wonder if you need a light

Hide and seeking pa
Hide and seeking ma

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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