Vomitory Corporal Dysfunction Lyrics

Path Of Resistance Lyrics Vomitory Corporal Dysfunction

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Vomitory Corporal Dysfunction

by Path Of Resistance. Buy album CD: Can't Stop The Truth

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Nausea' evacuation
Copremesis' defecation

Digestive system full of excrements
Lacrimation with regurgitation of crap
Chronic disgorgement with constipation
Emesis by phlegmy chunk

Suffocation with deglutition of mucus
Spume on the maxilla with eructation
Spitting of saliva with expectoration
Delirium with convulsive emunction

Chyme's mixture on vomited bust
Mucopurulent discharge on a clitoris
Mouldy impetigo on shaggy cunt
Faeces about oozing abscess

Strangulation of glans by prepuce
Pyorrhoea into obstructed salpinx

Spasm of scrotal sac' with urination
Tits disfigured' by lichen and dartre

Palpation of intumescent tonsils
Irritation of oesophagus by vomits
Sperm's clumps into pharyngal cavity
Aspiration of sputa and spittles

Cacostomia with virulent sternutation
Stool and piss on a decubitus
Secretion of urinary calculus and semen
Corrupt taenia from diarrhoeal excretion.

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