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Later That Night Lyrics

Later That Night by Path Of No Return  

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Later That Night Awake but not alive as I scrawl these words.
All that is left, that I am, a rotting walking corpse.
Enervate the machine that holds me down.
I can't handle defeat one more fucking time.
One more attempt to rectify the inclined angles in my life.
I made myself a prisoner in a pattern I despise.
I despise.
Point blank fire, for all you've done.
There is hope in this bullet, freedom in this gun.
I made myself a prisoner in this system I despise.
All that's left of me is a hollow stare and hope that slowly dies.
Enervate the machine that holds me down, retaliation on the structure that tore me down.
As this repulsion escalates,
I start to realize that I have to get rid of these chains that bind me.
So this is my last attempt to rectify my life.
Get back to who I once was.
And break free.
I hope I don't live to see tomorrow if it's the same as today.
Again control has slipped out of my hands.
I can't live life this way.

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