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Cheer up emo kid Lyrics

Cheer up emo kid by Patent Pending  

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Cheer up emo kid I've got a problem
with everone i know
I've got a problem
and i want everone to know
i got home late last night
from the punk (PUNK) rock (ROCK) show
I say it sucked because im emo
I'm gonna cry
I'm gonna scream
I'm gonna say what i dont mean
I'm gonna cry
I'm gonna mope
I'm gonna give up all my hope
I'm bringing everybody down
greet everybody with a frown
I'll just wait for death to come around
Cheer up emo kid
its a brand new day
It'll be okay
i like to listen to my favorite band the cure
i'd ask her out but she'd say no, for sure
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me

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