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Parry Gripp Lyrics Coffee Is Good

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Coffee Is Good

by Parry Gripp. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - THI

- "We want coffee!" [x4]
- "You're making me angry. I'm having bad thoughts."
- "I can't control him."

Coffee is good.
No coffee is bad.
Havin' coffee is good.
And havin' no coffee is bad.

I'm drinkin' coffee
Every day of the week
If I don't get some coffee right now
I'm a gonna freak. Here I go now.

[Clucking noises, "we want coffee!", etc.]

Coffee is good. (Coffee is good)
No coffee is bad. (No coffee is bad)
A Coffee is a good good good now.
No coffee is bad bad bad.
"That coffee looks good (oh, it is)
Alright, let's pour up a cup here (oh, the precious Coffee Bean)
Oh, yeah, now put a little sugar in there (Ah, yeah, maybe two scoops)
Ah, a little more (Ah)
Alright, dump out some of that coffee and put in some more sugar
(Oh, careful Parry. It's sweet Parry)
Alright, now uh put in some of that cream.
Yeah, none of that soy milk stuff. (Ease up, Parry)
I want the real, uh, right out of the cow, yeah.
(That'll stick to your arteries)
Yeah, a little more, okay, dump out a little more of that coffee.
Alright. (Yeah, just dump that out).
No more cream. (Yeah).
Alright, now sprinkle some of that cinnamon there on top.
(Oh, he's a mad man).
Yeah. A little cinnamon. (Oh, easy, easy, he's out of his mind! )
Put some of that, uh, vanilla sauce in there. (He's crazy! )
Looks good (Oh, vanilla! )
Alright, now, uh, mix that up with some ice.
(I don't really like what I'm seeing.) Yeah, that's right.
That looks real good. (Parry, listen to me! )
Just uh, dump it in that blender over there. (stop, Parry! ) Yeah.
Blend it up (He's goin' for it.) (He's goin' nuts.) (He's goin' for it).
Alright, now, uh, let's see here. Here, uh, put a little chocolate
Sauce, put a little chocolate sauce in there. (Bring it, bring it, bring it).
Oh, it's gonna be good. (He is my new master)
Uh-uh-cherries in there. Blend that up. (oh, yeah yeah yeah) Yeah.
A little whip-cream on top. (Oh, Parry! )Yeah, that looks good.
A little more cream. (Oh, cream, good.) Alright, now just uh...
Just uh... dump that on uh that scoop of ice cream over there.
Oh yeah. (You only grow up once, Parry). Alright, that looks good.
(Sometimes you go around shorter than others) Oh, yeah!"

Coffee is good. Wah-ah-oh!
No coffee is bad.
Drinkin' coffee is a good good good now.
(I gotta get a coffee right now or I'm gonna go crazy)
No coffee is a bad bad bad.
Coffee is good. YEAH! (coffee is good)
No coffee is bad (No coffee is bad)
Drinkin' coffee is a good good good now. (Yeah yeah yeah)
No coffee is bad.

- "We want coffee!" [x7] [random clucking noises]

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