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Columbus Day Lyrics

Columbus Day by Parent Kevin  

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Columbus Day Columbus day is when my heart stopped beating,
The motherfucking pigs wont stop feeding off
All of the death and destruction and doom
Brought around by his firey tomb
From the day of the Nina The pinta the santa maria
The wretched little man who’s best idea
To doom himself, he did quite well,
In dooming him and his god to hell

Columbus wasn’t the onlyt one to bring a plague
Also us in our empty hearts we made
Our little icons of america the free
Our little pop culture to which or survival is key
Well mothafucka what do you do
When our culture is poisoned too
We’re tainted from the inside out
You shall see very soon when your life runs out

A celebration of the massacre of the gracious
I wonder what expression was on their faces
When their newfound gods pulled out the steel
There worst nightmares had just become real
Slaying them flaying them like a little pig
Did they know that such a gruesome day would be made so big
To all the preschoolers, this isnt so tame!
Oh well what the fuck, its in gods name


Do not get me wrong
The point of the song
Is o shove in your faces what you have pushed away
This dark dark bitch of a holiday
Kiddies realize that just because you don’t hafta go to school
Doesn’t make mass genocide very cool
Your parents and your teachers have lost their morals
And here I present my quarrel,
My evidence that somewhere the world went askew
How is this better than the murder of the jews?
A holiday based on the first hlocasut
How the fuck were our brains so badly lost?
When we actually made this a celabration
Of the thirst for blood worse then your news station
To all the preschoolers, this isnt so tame!
Oh well what the fuck, its in gods name


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