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Lame And Languid Lyrics by Paradox


Lame And Languid by Paradox

Can you listen to how I'm feeling
I've got to take it slow
Give me lessons on how to breath in
I think I don't know
Is it time for me, Is it time for you
Tragedy, won't let me through
I'm the one who cares, Are you feeling down
Humanity, won't let me be
I'm left behind
Give a listen to how I'm sleeping
A grey caressing glow
Give me strength, too faint to feel it
You were way too slow
I confide alone
And I can't find my soul
When I've just begun to let go
Am I weak or high, I'll be sick inside
Only time will tell, how I'm feeling
Will I laugh or cry, will I live or die
Only time will tell