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Only For One Day Lyrics

Only For One Day by Panda Bear  

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Only For One Day How much I miss you
My blood in veins
How much I miss you
Your words of solace

I feel it´s over
Everithing what I want
Is just only our last one day
Together my hearth discreetly
Ripped into two

It´s semms to me so far and so long
When my faithful hand was in yours

I love you my lord
What I want you to belong to me
So please stay beside me
Stay just for only one day

My body´s aching and everything too
There is nothing for my faith
Only tears seems to be true

With my breath
With my touch
With smiles
That´s my love
From my hearth
My mournful hearth
Give me only one day
I beg you
Look at me
What you see?
My broken mind can not cry
But you can´t hear me

With my hope
Faith in you
Faith in love
Why don´t you see?
This pain in my eyes

How much I miss your words of solace
I feel it´s over
Everything what I want
My life is lost
I failed

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