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Draggin' My Chains Lyrics

Draggin' My Chains by Palominos  

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Draggin' My Chains You know everyday I walk down memory lane
Trying to find a way past the same old pain
Ah you know, but now the message is loud and it's clear
There ain't no way to get there from here
Yeah I've finally realized that's the way things are
I got the bleeding stopped but there's gonna be a scar
I know I'll go on living but you're always gonna be around
Deep down, deep down
Well, I know an old soldier who walks with a limp
From a war he's still fightin' inside of him
And just like me he'll go to his grave
Nursin' a pain that won't go away
Maybe I really don't wanna be through
With all the memories I have of you
We had some bad times but we had good times too
You'll always be around
Deep down

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