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Kashmir Lyrics

Kashmir by Page and Plant  

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Kashmir Oh, let the sun beat down upon my faceStars to fill my dreamsI am a traveler of both time and spaceTo be where I have beenSit with elders of a gentle raceThis world is seldom seenTalk of days for which they sit and waitBut, all will be revealedTalk and song from tongues of lilting graceWhose sounds caress my earThough, by a word I heard could I relateThe story was quite clearWhoa-hoh, whoa-oh, yeahYes, yesOooh, oh baby, baby, I been cryin’Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, there’s no denyin’, there’s no denyin’Oooh yes, baby baby, I’ve been flyin’, oh yeahLord, mama, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’, no denyin’Here’s another one to yaAll I see turns to brownAs the sun burns the groundAnd my eyes fill with sandAs I scan this wasted landTryin’ to find now, where I been, yeahPilot of the storm who leaves no traceLike thoughts inside a dreamWho heed the path that led me to that placeYellow desert screenMy shangri-la beneath the summer moonI will return againSure as the dust that floats high in juneWhen movin’ through kashmirOh, father of the four winds, fill my sailsAcross the sea of yearsWith no provision but an open face’long the straits of fearWha-oh, wha-oh, yeahWhoa-hoh, whoa-hoh, ohh-oh-oh-hoooohWell, when I want, baby, when I’m on my way, yeahWhen I see, baby, when I see the way you stay, yeahWell I’m down, when I’m nearPlease, please, tell me where I’ve beenOh-oh-ohOh-oh-ohWhooooooo, yeah-ee yeahWhoo, yeah, I can take you there, take you thereOh, my baby, ooh my baby, let me take you there, oh-ohOoh darlin’, yeah, darlin’, yeahTuadon, tuadid, oh yeahSuanon, suadidSuanon, suadidSuanon, oh-oh-ohYeah, yeahHey baby, pretty baby, oh babyHey baby, pretty baby, oh babyHey baby, pretty baby, oh babyFeel, feel, feel, feel, feel, feel,Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel, feelSuanon, suadidSuanon, suadidSuanon, yeahhhThanks a lot, see ya later

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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