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Within without Lyrics by Ozark Mountain Daredevils


Within without by Ozark Mountain Daredevils


now I'm lookin' out my house

and what I see doesn't please me

people goin' here, goin' there,

where's that leave me

now they're comin' in my door

to explore what's running around in me

but it's not me that they'll finally find

behind the smile on my face

when I tell them they have

all lost the race to the end

'cause they've passed themselves within



now I'm runnin' from my house

'cause my house doesn't please me

people comin' in, goin' out,

they don't see me

now I'm flyin' through the air

I'm not scared of people all underneath,

in a heap, askin' how'd we get to here

from there where our lives had some meaning

and all the days weren't the same

we played no games

and we knew ourselves within