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I Despise Lyrics

I Despise by Oppressor  

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I Despise Some cry for hope,
Some cry for change
Some cream in rage,
Slave to confine,
Victimless lives
Twisting their minds
Some live in hate,
Some live in pain
Some die in vain,
A dark caress,
Raped innocence
Torn by the flesh

Come feel the wrath of me
See through the eyes that bleed
Drown in the scars so deep
Lost in the tongues you speak
All of their lives to you meant nothing
Their shattered dreams, all meant something
All of their lives to you meant nothing
You are nothing,
You are nothing

Some live for love,
Some live for lust
Some bleed in vain,
Consumed in rage,
Primitive race
Words are a maze
Some never know,
Some die for faith
Some hide their face,
Internal cries,
Deep from Inside
Their pain is mine

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