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Exhibits from a New Museum Lyrics

Exhibits from a New Museum by Oora  

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Exhibits from a New Museum ( RE Broughton )
A five years old child is playing beads with
a thinker.
Beads with a thinker-if you please.
The minister of data feels like getting high.
Looks down on you people thru' the holes
in both his eyes-outside.
A tired and gaudy woman is looking for a manger.
Somewhere women can be.
If you mean to say that you don't know why
you hurt someone a mother cries.
I'm shot to pieces .nerves ends dangling
then I'll come on like the Boston Strangler.
I'm not alone in this place never gets past
the tears on a face.
Everybody trying to help me like they're
trying to win a race.
She said she loved me , that was delightful
but she never really saw me
so come and get your eyeful.Look into my
mirror, everyone's a mirror.
Does it make you warm or does it make you shiver.
Come back flow-Here and now-It's where we grow.

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