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Lemon Ohs Song Lyrics

Lemon Ohs Song by Ookla the Mok  

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Lemon Ohs Song
Shrink wrapped in Buffalo then I was packaged with a Butterfinger
I went to college via US Mail and then was traded for a chocolate Zinger
Sleeping in a top desk drawer thank God for MSG
Oh oh the places I've been
Oh oh the faces I've seen
Oh oh the places I've been
Oh oh the faces I've seen
I lived a while in a friend's sock drawer now stop before you knock it
That was nothing I spent half a month
stuck in some guy's dress shirt pocket
I know it's crazy I don't even own a pair of shoes
Scotch-taped to the memory card of an Apple IIe computer
I would have lived there for the rest of my life
if it wasn't for the Comp. Sci. tutor
Tim and the Polyglots will never be "Big in Japan"
I was homeless for about a year I spent six months in a coma
Next thing you know I'm in a hollow tube
looks like I got an honorary diploma
Just goes to show you that a BA really couldn't hurt
I'm a drifter I move around sometimes I wonder where my heart went
Maybe I lost it back in '89 when I was living in a glove compartment
I guess that shower really wasn't worth it after all
These days I'm kind of lost, who knows I just might turn up later
I'm kinda pining for the good old days when I lived in a refrigerator
Dave Lennon better be happy that he's in this song

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