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Maybe Lyrics

Maybe by One Side Smile  

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Maybe There is no reason to whine
I said i‘m feelin‘ fine
I hear the sound of the chime
We gotta get together
Everybody come and gather around now
Oh i can feel it fade fast
You wanna make this dance last
And as a matter of fact
I‘m gonna give it a whack
Until my sight turns black now
She said maybe
I don‘t know if that‘s enough for me
She‘s such a lady
She‘ll want me to wait and see
But baby just wait and see

I wanna be released
Free to sail the seas
Make love not war and find peace
And take everything with me
That is worth believing
But girl i gotta know
If i‘ll see you at the show
Cause you got riddim‘ and flow
And you know my motto
Is that there‘s no tomorrow

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