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Cloaked In Mystery Lyrics by Ominous Grief


Cloaked In Mystery by Ominous Grief

Flying through the clouds of the morning red
I chant the songs of the pure black
As their souls seek for the divine
I sacrifice their future on the altar of time

The bright morning sky suddenly turns black
Entering the dimension where all angels fled
Screaming winds strike with hatred
From all ways, all the time

Everywhere I feel their presence
Closing in around me
Immortal demons of legends
Cloaked in mystery
I've brought them the chalice
In which they find life
Blood of the sacred he
Cloaked in mystery

These lands are cloaked in mystery
No man knows it here but me

I get them what they want
And they pay me my price
Prayer and holy symbols are hurled
Now it's time to leave for the mortal world

Next time I'll bring a soul with me
A soul hiding in the body of a newborn baby
Maybe it will be yours my fearing child
But I'll promise you'll be grateful as you die

Grateful to those cloaked in mystery...